Happy Birthday Mom!!


Happy birthday to this beautiful lady who I have the honor and privilege of calling my mother and friend!! I don’t know what I’d do without her- I still call her every single day just to gab and catch up, and cherish her thoughts dearly. She’ll always be a better cook than me, and I hope in the future I love my husband even just half as much as she loves my dad.

Happy birthday mom!! Love you muchmorelieresterer!

Mrs. Loriann’s Sunny Bridals

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Beautiful Mrs. Loriann was wed this past weekend, so I can finally share her bridal session with you! I am enthralled by the elegance and femininity of her her mother’s veil, which matched her gown perfectly. Loriann is one of the sweetest, funniest, most joyful and generous brides I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know, and I can’t wait to go through their wedding images from this past weekend. Happy Monday friends!

Contax 645 / Fuji 400 / PhotoVision / Barr Mansion

Emily & Robert’s Sweet Southern Wedding

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Emily and Robert were blessed with one of the most beautiful days for their wedding this past February. Ashelynn Manor was the perfect southern venue for these two sweethearts… you could literally feel the joy radiating from Emily and Robert through the day! Congratulations you two!

All shot on Contax 645 / Fuji 400 / Ilford 3200 / PhotoVision

Alli, Corey, and Little Mr. August

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The way they looked at their sweet little man stole my heart… his precious laughter, their adoring eyes. I saw our dear friends truly come alive with little Mr. August. I think as Bryan and I get closer (but not too close, Mom!) to dreaming of starting a family in the next few years, my understanding and excitement grows deeper for our many friends who have already begun their own. The realization of not just having children, but getting to experience motherhood- that’s an adventure I’m getting more and more excited and hopeful about every year. Alli, Corey, and August, thank you for inviting me into a moment of your lives! Your session truly blessed me.

This session changed everything for me and grew me in ways I cannot express. I will officially be offering intimate, relaxed family sessions starting summer 2014.

Contax 645 / Fuji 400H / PhotoVision